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    Louisville can’t seem to get enough roast-y beans bursting with caffeine. We’ve got enough latte spots to give half the state caffeine jitters, but there’s always room for more java. Like any craft beverage, the base may be the same but flavors and characteristics vary. An Americano from Please & Thank You most certainly doesn’t taste like one from Quills; different beans for different fiends. 

    Press on Market opened February of this year, but isn’t necessarily the new kid on the block. This “first rate” coffee house is the “return to roots project,” according to owner, Bruce Lake. Those original roots lie in what was Anchorage Café. Lake and his family ran Anchorage Cafe originally as an espresso bar, and eventually it transformed into a full-blown restaurant over the years. “We had a great five years, but the original aspiration was to be a first rate coffee house,” says Lake, “This location [Press on Market] offered us a chance to get back to our roots. Our baristas are certainly happy to be baristas again.”

    Located on the corner of Market and Floyd, Press on Market takes up space in the UofL-affiliated Nucleus Research Park. Press is independently owned, but is a “focal meeting point for the Nucleus,” says Bruce. However, the corner location is one that invites the community at large: something Bruce says was “critically important” when choosing a space. 

    Inside, Press brims with natural light. The interior is simple, elegant and open. “We didn’t want to fill every nook and cranny,” says Bruce. However, they did fill a modest glass cabinet full of locally-baked treats like, Klaus’s croissants, Nancy’s bagels, tasty eats from Breakworks. On Saturday, they have Nord’s doughnuts!


    The bright openness of Press, mixed with the sweet pleasure of freshly-ingested caffeine, is conducive to collaboration. In a couple of weeks when Louisville warms up, Press' courtyard will open: featuring a plant wall, fire pit, planters, and bistro furniture. 

    Here’s What to Order:

    Need to start the morning?
    The classic Latte is what Ragan, Bruce’s daughter and Press Barista suggests. It’s served in a giant mint green cup with a lovely handcrafted foam design. Pair it with one of Nancy’s bagels and you’re morning blues will never get you down again.
    But what if I have a sweet tooth?
    No problem. The White Mocha is here to curb your craving. If that doesn’t hit the spot on it’s own try it with a butterscotch pecan scone from Breadworks. It will surely send you into that sugar coma you’re looking for.
    Looking for an afternoon pick me up?
    The Café Miel is the perfect choice. A strong espresso drink with honey and cinnamon that goes down a little to fast, but hey if you’re not shaking, it isn’t working.
    Trying to get fit?
    They have smoothies! Healthy ones too! It’s a finite menu composed of three different fresh options. The Green Bliss is made with kale, apple, ginger, cayenne, and maple syrup.
    Don’t like coffee?
    No one gets left behind! Try a Green Tea Latte it’s light and refreshing. 
    Images: Michelle Eigenheer
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