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    Spirits, holidays, love, and relationships will be explored during Bunbury Theatre's 2011-2012 season.  

    During the 2011-2012 season, Bunbury Theatre will present five shows, including Blithe Spirit (October), a repertory of Santaland Diaries and A Hannukah Christmas with Klurman and Goldstein (December), On An Average Day (February 2012), Southern Exposure (April 2012), and Buried Child (June 2012).  All performances will go on at Bunbury Theatre, located on the third floor of the Henry Clay building at 604 S. Third Street in the Old Louisville section.

    Season tickets are now available for $75 per person.  They can be purchased, and more information on tickets, can be found at the Bunbury Theatre website.  

    The spirits have been called for Bunbury's opening play, Blithe Spirit, which features a novelist trying to gather material for another work via a seance.  The spirit of the novelist's first wife is called up, and she wreaks comedic havoc on him and his marriage to his second wife.  The production will run from Oct. 14-31.  

    Moving into another holiday season, Bunbury will present two shows in repertory:  A Hannakah Christmas with Klurman and Goldstein and The Santaland Diaries.  Diaries features a slacker who takes a job as a Macy's elf for Christmas.  After dealing with endless children, parents, and drunken Santas, he will meet one Santa who turns the slacker's life for the better.

    Meanwhile, in A Hannakah Christmas with Klurman and Goldstein, the title characters attempt to figure out their heritage and faith during a holiday season where their families are celebrating both holidays.  Both shows will run from Dec. 2-21.  

    On An Average Day opens the 2012 portion of Bunbury's season.  The play features the relationship between two brothers, Robert and Jack.  Jack arrives at Robert's house, finding it incredibly filthy and something of a health risk.  He also finds Robert living a lonely life.  The production runs from Feb. 10-26.

    Southern Exposure runs during Bunbury's spring season, featuring a grandmother who is not exactly convinced of her granddaughter's love for someone.  The story deals with the grandmother-granddaughter bond as well as love and sacrifice and runs from April 13-29.  

    Buried Child will close out Bunbury's 2011-2012 season, which is based in the 1970s but could be understood today, given the current economic situation.  The American dream, mythology, and nuclear family are impacted by the struggles of the economic slowdown.  The show runs from June 8-24. 

    More information on Bunbury Theatre's season can be found at its website.

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