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    Dinosaurs will walk among us, Rudolph will fly, The Tooth Fairy will collect, and Sleeping Beauty will awake for the Derby Dinner children's theater 2014-15 season.

    During the season, Derby Dinner's children's theater will present four shows: Dinosaurs Before Dark (Oct.-Nov.), Rudolph! (Nov.-Dec.), The Tooth Fairy (Feb.-Mar. 2015), and Sleeping Beauty (May-June 2015). All public performances are to happen at Derby Dinner Playhouse, located at 525 Marriott Drive in Clarksville, IN.

    Season tickets for children are $28-$38 per person while adult season tickets are $56-$76 per person, depending on the show. Single-show tickets, meanwhile, are $16 for the breakfast shows and $21 for the lunch shows. All ticket information can be found at the Derby Dinner children's theater website.

    Derby Dinner will open the children's theater season with Dinosaurs Before Dark. Part of the Magic Treehouse Series, the show features a time-traveling treehouse that heads for the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Dinosaurs will roam from Oct. 11-Nov. 15.

    Going into the Christmas season is Rudolph!, a red-nosed reindeer who just wants to be like the other reindeer. Rudolph! (and even Santa) will appear from Nov. 22-Dec. 20.

    As the new year begins, so will Mrs. Schneider's first grade class in its attempt to trap the namesake character in The Tooth Fairy. They want answers as to what she does with teeth after their collected. Those answers may be revealed in this musical comedy, which goes on Feb. 21-March 21.

    Last, but not least, will be Sleeping Beauty, a production with Princess Aurora falling under the spell of an evil curse thanks to a spinning wheel. Will she be awoken thanks to true love's kiss? Find out May 16-June 13. 

    Student matinees for the above shows are also available for teachers wishing to enrich their students in the arts. More information on the matinees, as well as more information on the season, can be found at the Derby Dinner children's theater website.

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    (Image from Derby Dinner Playhouse)

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