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    Alley Theater presents InHuman
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    Sure, the Humana Festival is going on.  Yet, where are the zombies?  Alley Theater fills that void with InHuman: A Festival of the New American Undead Theater during the month of March.

    A total of ten undead-related and original plays will be seen on the two Alley Theater stages as part of the InHuman festival. This includes the Four Pack of Death plays (Entranced, Necromas, Keep Hope Alive, and One Minute Zombie F*** Play), Death Quad plays (Bite Me, Two Zombies Having a Conversation, Ghost?, and Storms Sheets and Show Tunes), and two full-lengh plays (Mama Didn't Raise No Zombie and Zombie: The Musical).

    All performances will take place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between March 1-24.  The specific days and times of the performances can be found at the Alley Theater website.  All performances are to happen at the Alley Theater's two theatres, located in The Pointe at 1205 E. Washington Street in the Butchertown section of Louisville.

    Tickets for one of tbe shows (Four Pack of Death, Death Quad, Mama Didn't Raise No Zombie, or Zombie: The Musical) are $15 per person, per show.  Tickets can be purchased at the Alley Theater box office or at the Alley Theater website.  

    For those wanting to see two shows in a night, the two packs option may be available for $25 per person.  Check with

    the Alley Theater box office for availability.  

    Finally, there is the All the Brains pass, which gives the audience member four tickets to use anytime during the festival for $45 per person.

    So what exactly will the audience be seeing?  Zombies, of course, but so much more than that.

    Four Pack of Death plays

    Four Pack of Death will feature four short plays, including Entranced, Keep Hope Alive, Necromas: A Story of Terror and Parrots, and the One-Minute Zombie F*** Play.

    Entranced features Drew, a lonely zombie who, after being pursuaded by friends, hits the singles scene.  Dana Hope directed the Ron Burch-created production. Cast includes Madeline Dee, Daniel Land, Jeremy Gernett, Chris Petty, Audra Todd, and Christie Troxell.  

    In Keep Hope Alive, five strangers are running not just from zombies but also themselves.  Hope directed the staged reading created by Gregory T. Fugate. Craig Fairfield, Debbie Hess, Lucian Tomes, Gernett, and Troxell perform.

    Next, Necromas finds Sarah and Leslie's husbands being turned into zombies...well, the happy, festive types. Ben Unwin directed and created the production. Sara Renauer, Todd Zeigler, Dee, Petty, Audra Todd are cast.

    Finally, in The One-Minute Zombie F*** Play, a man is in a predicament.  Can you guess what kind or what word he'll use? Hope directed the Martin French production. Daniel Land and Troxell are among the cast for this production.

    Four Pack of Death shows will be performed on March 1, 3, 9, 15, 17, and 23.  

    Death Quad plays

    Death Quad will also feature four short plays: Bite Me, Two Zombies Having a Conversation, Ghost?, and Storms, Sheets, and Show Tunes.

    Bite Me features a wife of a businessman who has figured out a plan, involving a vampire, to keep the couple together always. Kathryn Furrow directed the Nina Mansfield production, which includes the cast of Meg Caudill, Andrew Villier, and Todd Zeigler.

    Two Zombies Having a Conversation features two victims sharing their thoughts on the situation as the zombie apocalypse takes place. Melissa Gaddie directed the Jeff Smith-created production. The cast features Denny Grinar, Chris Petty, and Audra todd.

    Todd and Grinar also star in Ghost?, which shows the audience that the dead are supposed to visit their still living loved ones. Gaddie directed the Eoin Carney-created work.

    Lastly, its Storms, Sheets, and Show Tunes, which finds different ghosts trying to win the right to haunt an old theater.  Bad news, however, may be waiting for them.  Herschel Zahnd III directed the Stacey Lane-created work.  The cast is Madeline Dee, Grinar, Robert Hatfield, Faith Hoover, Sara Renauer, and Ben Wood.

    Death Quad shows will take place on March 2, 8, 10, 16, 22, and 24.  

    Full-length productions

    A play and a musical about the undead are to haunt the Alley Theatre in March, including Mama Didn't Raise No Zombie! and Zombie! The Musical.

    A family trapped on its farm is featured in Mama Didn't Raise No Zombie. The Watkins family has kept the zombies at bay for more than two weeks, save for Paul, who is chained until the family can get a cure for him.  Family matriarch Rebecca, however, must choose whether or not to keep the family together during the outbreak.  

    George Bailey directed the Brian Walker-created production. Cast for Mama includes John Aurelius, George Robert Bailey, Brittany Blau, Abby Braune, Megan Claire, Mandy Cox, Riker Hill, Carter Mullins, Cristina Mullins, Shelly Reid, and April Singer.  The show will run on March 1, 2, 10, 15, 16, 17, 23, and 24.  

    Also taking place is Zombie!  The Musical. This horror-comedy-tragedy features teenagers Trent and Violet on the run after Violet is turned into a zombie.  An Army uncle, a reporter, and a big-time rock star give chase.  Enjoy the love story and hard rock music with the show.

    Courtney Hardin and Jillian Spencer directed the Anthony R. Miller and Brendan West-created production.  The cast includes Joey Arena, John Aurelius, Kristy Calman, Alan Canon, Hallie Dizdarevic, Riker Hill, Lily Jones, Cristina Mullins, Tony Smith, and Rich Williams.  hte show takes place March 3, 8, 9, 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24.  

    More information on any of the zombie-related shows can be found at the Alley Theater website.  

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