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    Knowledge is genuine power when buying a home and taking the time to become familiar with all facets of the home buying process is the best way to favorably protect yourself when buying a home in Louisville.

    The most important thing that you need to know when buying a home is that there is no perfect procedure, nor any magical formula devoid of risk, that will prevent unsuspected or unplanned expenses or complications from arising.  All homes by nature are complex contraptions that include mechanical, electrical, structural, plumbing and environmental systems.  Because of this complexity, and because there is no practical way to inspect or evaluate every single facet and component of a modern home to verify the proper operation and to guarantee longevity, you take on a risk when buying a home that is your responsibility.  Your goal when buying a home is to minimize this risk as much a practical to reduce the chances of future problems and expenses related to the home.

    Fortunately in the Louisville, KY area you are afforded significant legal and ethical protections when buying a home by securing for yourself competent, professional representation in the form of Buyer's Agency.  Buyer's Agency is a type of representation allowed by Kentucky State Law that is conducted by a professional real estate agent designed to protect the buyer's side of a real estate transaction.  A Buyer's Agent is different from the Listing Agent in a transaction because the Listing Agent will always either be bound to protect the home seller's side of the deal, or will not be allowed by legal and ethical bounds to give you the most complete representation possible.  This is critical information for you to know because it can cost you much time and expense not having representation specifically to protect you in a real estate transaction.

    Buying a home in Louisville without a Buyer's Agent significantly increases your risk and reduces the amount of protection afforded to you by law in Kentucky.  A Buyer's Agent is bound by legal and ethical guidelines designed to ensure that you as a home buyer in the Louisville area are afforded the highest protections available under the law.  In addition, a professional Buyer's Agent will have extensive market knowledge, negotiating experience, transaction management experience and the know-how to get your deal to closing in the most smooth and expeditious manner possible, all to your benefit.  As a bonus, Buyer's Agents typically do not charge clients any fee whatsoever for their services as they are usually compensated from the seller's proceeds at closing.  It's a great deal for you!

    With the availability of free online tools that allow you to search for homes for sale in Louisville, KY, you can now more fully participate in the home buying process and you have much greater access to information than ever before.  However, make sure you know your limitations and understand the protections afforded to you under the law.  While there is no way to completely remove all risks you take on when buying a home in Louisville, there is a clear way to significantly reduce your risk by securing representation from a professional Buyer's Agent.

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