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    This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Louisville Bride. 
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    What should couples have talked about or decided before they start working with a planner?

    “When I sit down with a couple, I always want to know what three details are the most important to them, their expectations and their focus. We go from there. Each couple is unique and sees their day differently.  We now have the luxury of Pinterest, and couples often come to me with a clear vision of what they want. We use these ideas as the blueprint to build the whole.”  

    What are some of the first questions you usually have for couples once you start working together?

    “When I consult with couples the first time, I want to know their style and the overall sense of how they see their day.  I want to know their story,  their interests and what makes them tick. It’s their day — our goal is to give them their vision.”   

    How far in advance, in your experience, are people planning their weddings? 

    “We have planned weddings for two years and others in a short three months. We find the average is nine to 12 months.”

    In your experience, is everyone still set on a summer wedding or are weddings more spread throughout the year now? 

    “Our business is one of seasons. We stay fairly booked from April until  November. Our peak months are May, June, September and October.” 

    Speaking of which, is planning a wedding for the fall or winter a way to save money, or is that just a myth we’ve heard?

    “While it is sometimes easier to negotiate with vendors in what is traditionally an ‘off season,’ our Fall 2016 is booking quickly.  These months are continuously becoming our first to book up.”

    If a couple has their heart set on an outdoor spring or summer wedding, what are some logistical matters that they need to consider? 

    “There is truly nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding, and we have done many.  We find that outdoor weddings are often more expensive than the couple had expected.   Couples often think that their ‘simple outdoor wedding’ is going to be less expensive, however, you have to create the magic and that comes with expenses that most couples do not consider, like generators, restroom facilities, tents, additional rentals of chairs, dishes and cook tents.”  

    What are some of the hardest decisions you’ve seen couples make about their wedding?

    “We often see the most conflict comes from who to invite and keeping the guest list in check. With so many blended families and personalities, it becomes a challenge.  What couples need to remember is that this is a day of celebration and their commitment to each other.  If this remains the focus, everything else will take care of itself.”

    This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Louisville Bride. 
    To subscribe to Louisville Magazine, please click here.

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