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    Still undecided about whom to vote for in tomorrow's primary for Metro Louisville mayor? Last week we sent questionnaires to all the Democratic and Republican candidates vying to replace the outgoing dapper Jerry Abramson. But rather than ask about jobs, bridges and downtown development, we hit on the important issues: bars, tattoos and keeping Louisville weird. We asked candidates to answer at least five questions from a list of 10. The responses we received will be posted today, in random order.

    What’s your favorite possession?
    My extensive collection of khaki pants and blue button-downs.

    How would you help “keep Louisville weird?”
    I think electing me as mayor would be a start.

    Best bar in town?
    BBC Taproom at 636 E. Maint, where we'll be celebrating election night! Come join us?

    Favorite all-time Louisville restaurant?
    Jack Fry's. Great historic Louisville atmosphere. Great Louisville food.

    Louisville: Gateway to the North? Gateway to the South? Or Gateway to the _______________?
    Gateway, shmateway. Louisville's the destination. We're more than a place to drive through.

    Favorite local sports team?
    Our future NBA Louisville Colonels!

    Your biggest guilty pleasure in town?
    Nord's Bakery at 2118 South Preston Street. I'm not the candidate that's going to ban trans-fats, that's for sure.

    If you were forced to get a tattoo today, what would you get?
    I heart the CJ.

    Bardstown Road, Frankfort Avenue or Market Street? Explain.
    15th & Main - Louisville's exciting future by 86'ing 64.

    Biggest missed opportunity the city has had?
    Thomas Edison moved 18 months before he got his first of over 1000 patents for some pretty cool things. Ever heard of the light bulb? Let's not let that happen again. Let's do everything we can to keep creative people and entrepreneurs engaged and successful in Louisville.

    Photo: Courtesy Tyler Allen for Mayor of Louisville 2010

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