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    I’m a grazer!  I like the fish at one place, but the fries at another.  It drives my wife nuts that I order shrimp in lobster sauce from one Chinese joint, then drive 15 minutes more to get the hot & sour soup at another.   I can’t be the only one like this?

    Here are some of my favorite “items” and places to get them around the Louisville area.

    Fish Sandwich:  

    When I first moved to Louisville in the 80’s, Stan’s in St. Matthews was THE PLACE that all my friends suggested for a great fish sandwich.  It didn’t disappoint.  My favorite fish since Stan’s is at “The Fish House” on Barrett Ave.  We just call it David’s.  David Hilsenrad and his son Adam run this former gas station turned eatery.  The Fish House cooks fish “green river style”, a wonderfully peppery cornmeal coating and fried.  You can get it as a sandwich, two large pieces of hand-cut whitefish on rye bread,  white or wheat, or a multi-grain bun for around $5 (my suggestion) or grab it as a combo, with fries and slaw for around $7.95. 


    I actually have 3 fav places at the moment.  

    Downtown, I love the Truffled Fries at Marketplace at Theater Square.  It’s just steps away from the Palace theater on 4th street.  These Truffled fries are prepared with parmesan and a quirky herb blend that always pleases my palate.  

    Next The East End,  The Village Anchor & Pub in Anchorage.  Their Vanilla/Brown Sugar seasoned sweet potato fries are amazing.  Light, crisp and perfectly fried, they are served with Village Anchor Marshmallow Crème and BBQ sauce.  It is a dazzling combination.  

    In Indiana my fry fantasy lives at The New Albanian Brewing Company, Bank Street in New Albany.  I haven’t been in a while (bridge and other issues), and they’ve had a chef change so not sure they are still served the same way.  But the way I remember,  just a drizzle of truffle oil and a lazy-susan filled with dipping sauces.  These sauces included lavender syrup, pesto, barbeque, a couple different ketchups and more.  It was delicious and delightful.     


    I am not a huge consumer of chicken wings, but I do love ROOSTER’S, locations on Dixie Highway & Preston Highway in Louisville and behind the Green Tree Mall in Clarksville.  First, the wings are HUGE and meaty.  The coating and cooking are also to my liking, crispy and not greasy.  I also like Rooster’s sauces.   If you like hot, the have killer and super killer.  However, I suggest the DONKEY SAUCE, cause it will kick your….(you get the idea).  Two other favorites sauces there are Carolina Gold and the Garlic!

    Do you have a favorite item – tell me about it! 

    Photo by Sanjay Acharya

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