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    Thunder Over Louisville is no small production. Not only are a staggering amount of explosives corralled for the main event and a staggering amount of aviating gear on display – there are a staggering amount of people in attendance and a staggering amount of people at work behind the scenes.

    One of these folks is Jeff Ramsey. As the current host of the Lite 106.9 radio morning show and a 20+ year veteran of Louisville broadcasting, Ramsey has been a part of a lot of local events, and this Saturday he will resume his post as one of the main voices behind the official radio broadcast for Thunder Over Louisville on WVEZ / Lite 106.9.

    We sat down with Jeff to get the details on what it is like to be the guiding voice of such a big event – and what advice he might have for someone who has never seen the spectacle before.

    How many years have you been part of the Official Thunder Over Louisville broadcast?
    This is my fourth year in a row of being the host of the official Thunder broadcast and my third in a row on The New Lite 106.9.

    Where are you during the broadcast?
    I arrive at the top of The Galt House early enough to see the first plane fly over and stay until the red tail  lights on I-64 are all gone.

    How does the Thunder Day broadcast differ from a normal day in the studio?
    My friends complain that I don’t get to talk enough on the air…I make up for lost time during the marathon broadcast.

    What is your most memorable Thunder broadcast moment?
    Last year... Because of a computer malfunction in the main control room I talked non-stop for fifteen minutes straight.

    You usually have a lot of guests on during the Thunder broadcast? Any highlights or favorites from past years?
    I love having guests come up to our suite…I’ll miss our former mayor…but I look forward to talking to Mayor Fischer.

    Anything especially fun that those who tune in can expect in this year’s broadcast?
    We love the fact that Meijer is once again sponsoring our broadcast. They give us plenty of gift cards to give away and you gotta like it like that!!

    What is your advice for a first time Thunder attendee?
    I love taking people to Thunder who have never seen the event… This year my on-air partner Julianne Hatton will fill that role and that should make for some good radio! Bring a jacket Julianne…and don’t forget to bring lots of patience too!

    What is your personal favorite moment of Thunder Day?
    Every year I get a little choked up when the American flag is flown over just before the firework show and the salute to our flag speech is just awesome!

    The Official Radio Broadcast of Thunder Over Louisville 2011 can be heard Saturday starting at 12 noon on WVEZ Lite 106.9 FM and streaming online at

    Photo courtesy of Lite 106.9

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