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    Perhaps this morning, like me, you woke up ready to compose a pithy text about Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster--What? You weren’t dying to thumb tap the details of how he opposed the soon-to-expire Patriot Act for nearly 11 hours last night?

    You included Paul’s railings against government surveillance. You conjectured what kind of candy bars he eats to stay fueled while on the senate floor. You even included the trending hashtag #standwithrand. But something was missing-- emojis.

    The devil emoji was potentially incendiary. The speak-no-evil monkey was too ironic. The dancing girls emoji was simply nonsensical.

    Alas, there was no  appropriate emoji to accompany such a politically crafted text. That was until I saw this:

    Uncle Sam Wants You To Use This Emoji

    The Rand Paul emoji for which we have been waiting our entire lives. Thanks to CNN Politics, you can download emoji representations of all the 2016 presidential hopefuls. Finally, a way to reference our political favorites and foes-- or simply a way to punctuate our carefully-crafted election season texts. 

    If you are looking for other presidential hopefuls like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush to spice up your texts, you can download them here, courtesy of CNN.


    Photos Courtesy of CNN

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