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    A Reader’s Corner Bookstore hosts a musical Children’s StoryTime this Saturday
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    Toddlers are a lot like puppies.  If there is anything I have learned in my two and a half years of tenure in Mommyhood, it is the solid fact that all small creatures have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde complex.  As part of some ancient secret pact (no doubt made over a blood sacrifice) it seems that all things wee, fluffy and young share the same maniacal cuteness that earns our unconditional love and betrays our sanity over too many nightcaps at 9pm.  Both puppies and toddlers, for example, will bite into your flesh for no apparent reason and still expect you to play with them after the fact.  They both beg for food (or simply claim your plate as their own).  They will casually leave bodily functions on your carpeting.  Playing in traffic is a risk that NEEDS to be constantly taken.  Stuffed animals don’t stand a chance. 

    It is obvious that baby canines and baby humans are practically whelped from the same biologically-goofy litter; however, while it is socially acceptable to imprison a puppy in an upside-down laundry basket for a few hours, forward-thinking human Dads and Moms must get a little more creative for respite.  Got a busy bookworm? (this could also apply to youngsters who devour and/or eviscerate reading material)  Wear down your Little Puppy’s energy reserves at A Reader’s Corner Bookstore as they host Children’s StoryTime tomorrow, Saturday, June 9th, at 11am. 

    Featuring a special guest from Heartland Music Together, tomorrow’s event will intertwine music and stories – guaranteed to get little ones moving to the beat.  Refreshments will be provided (so no books need die) to keep everyone fueled and happy and every participating child will receive a free book (what your Little Bug chooses to do with it is up to them).  Puppies play best in packs, so pack up your winsome little wastrel and head out to A Reader’s Corner for some free (dom) fun – and swap the ruckus for some reading.

    A Reader’s Corner Bookstore is located at 2044 Frankfort Avenue.  Visit their website for more information.

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