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    A Reader’s Corner Bookstore hosts Valentine children’s storytime
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    Valentine is Henry Miller’s middle name. 

    If I had my way that would be the only line that appears in this article.  Let’s close our eyes and be there for a moment.  I would like everyone to remember how perfect this is on the 14th.  I would like everyone to take note of this moment, so we can revisit it with ease when I also revisit Henry Valentine Miller on the 14th.  Because I will.  Because it will be Valentine’s Day.    

    Valentine’s Day is a thing. 

    There are an awful lot of sunset colors flying around.  Giant hearts in the store like blood-colored bubbles.  Like camel humps.  Or hips.  Other weird analogies for things that are round.  Lovely.  Children are good at this day.  Love is perfectly uncomplicated for them and, therefore, a perfect mess.  We should all be like children and live like kings.  Or model our affairs after Spanish soap operas.  It’s almost the same thing.  At either end, stories abound and twist fantastically.

    Stories: those can also be found in the city.  Bundle your love-monkeys up and head out to A Reader’s Corner Bookstore tomorrow, Saturday, February 9th, for a special children’s storytime with a Valentine spin.  Starting at 11am, wee ones can enjoy a puppet show, share Valentine’s treats and pick out a free book to take home (books are, in my humble opinion, the best kind of swag imaginable).

    Quite soon we will all enjoy a designated day for opening up our gushy oatmeal hearts and blushing copiously as a nation.  A little belly flop of passion in mid winter.  Everybody hates it, and everybody loves it.  It’s just silly, like all our stories.  Stories that will get repeated a thousand times until they are polished and flow perfectly from word to word, a completely separate reality made out of sunset colors and camel humps.  Or something else perfectly fantastic like that.      

    A Reader’s Corner Bookstore is located at 2044 Frankfort Avenue.

    Image: Courtesy of Photobucket

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