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    A Reader's Corner has moved to a new location on Frankfort Avenue near the train tracks, which adds them to the popular monthly Trolley Hop run. The store will stay open late once a month to celebrate. Louisville's own BlackWyrm Publishing will provide a slew of area authors to read from recently published works to help christen the new location this Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    BlackWyrm Publishing has been producing science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction since 2008. The company also produced role playing games and has products in game/book stores across the country. They recently launched thirteen new novels at Fandom Fest.

    The line up of readings is as follows: (as supplied by publisher):

    Hazard author Selina Fugate will read from her brand new young adult fantasy, The Veil. In this book, a young girl is kidnapped by a crazy necromancer, and forced to die a new horrible death each day. She eventually gains an ally, and discovers that she has magical powers of her own.

    Christopher Kokoski will read from his debut novel, just published last week, Past Lives. In this mystery, a Louisville man is implicated in a murder. Hypnosis clears his name, but also reveals that he was a serial killer in a past life. His previous self struggles to come to the fore and complete his life's work.

    William Levy will read from his newest science fiction book, Body and Sold, which is the sequel to The Starcrossed. The first in the series has been described as Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars in Stephen King's back yard. The sequel carries on the tale, with the earthman Col and his alien girlfriend Paum caught in a legal battle for her very future.

    Brad Parnell will read from the second book in the Legend of Gwerinatha series, titled Chaos' Corner. In the first book, Branwen's Garden, a boy is transported to another world with monsters, talking animals, and of course teenaged girls. In this continuation of the story, the boy's friend also travels there, but has a very different journey, that lasts years instead of days. He encounters strange otherworldly beings, and becomes embroiled in a war.

    Lynn Tincher will read from her local psychic mysteries, Afterthoughts and Left in the Dark. Detective Paige's telepathic abilities help her to solve crimes, until they start to disappear on her. Could a demon-possessed young girl be the cause?

    And finally best-selling fantasy author Dr. Michael Williams will read from his Louisville-based fantasy realism novel, Trajan's Arch. In this story, which is told through several literary devices, such as letters, flashbacks, short stories, and even medical reports, a man inherits a collection of stories that seem to hold the key to a ghostly other world.

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