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    Louisville band The Pass has been producing great electro pop/rock since 2010, and earlier this year they began venturing into vinyl. Over the first four months of 2014, The Pass released a single and corresponding B-side each month. Vinyl was a bit more of a bear than they thought it would be, as their last record did not show up until mid-May, but nonetheless the music is getting bigger and better.

    Because all eight of the songs are now available both digitally and on vinyl, now it is a good time to review them all in preparation for the release of The Pass’s third album, release date TBA.

    Single 1: “Sunny Day”

    Ironically released in January, “Sunny Day” begins the series with a loopy guitar hook and layered synths that made for a great teaser for some great new material.

    B-side: “Don’t Take It”

    Like many The Pass songs, this one would be great for a movie montage. The slick, fast guitar riff and catchy melody get your feet thumping and head swaying.

    Single 2: “Without Warning”

    For this tune, they sound like Phoenix went disco. Synths get a little bouncier. Chorus is very singable.

    B-side: “Never Compromise”

    The synths become more of a siren and singer Kyle Peters’s vocals are especially luscious. The addition of a bass guitar gives “Never Compromise” a bit more funky.

    Single 3: “The Same”

    Guitar on “The Same” should remind you of Two Door Cinema Club with fast, high riffs. Both songs on this single stretch the vocals to places they have never been before.

    B-side: “Be Easy”

    Speaking of vocals, “Be Easy” is an absolutely fantastic display of vocal harmony. Combine that will a slow riff that rings like bells and synths popping in and out, “Be Easy” is one of the best in this series.

    Single 4: “Only For You”

    This last single has the best intro of the bunch with fifty second of spacey synths with an ‘80s African tinge. It’s an overall fun song with a singable chorus.

    B-side: Layers

    Synths make you jump. Drums hit you and you’re dancing. It’s a great ending to a solid series.

    My personal favorites: 1. Without Saying 2. Sunny Day 3. Only You

    The summer continues for The Pass with a show June 13 at Baxter’s and another on July 12 at Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati. The Pass will also be performing at Best of Louisville on July 31.

    Let’s get that pesky release out for everyone. Things will get big.

    For those that don’t have a record player, these songs can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

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