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    Metro Government places a high priority on making sure our roadways are as safe and well maintained as possible. This is done with the help of our citizens who notify the city when they discover a pothole on a city street.

    To report a pothole, contact MetroCALL at 502.574.5000 or 311 or

    Potholes are bowl-shaped openings that usually have raveled edges and can be up to 10 inches deep. Potholes occur when the top (asphalt) layer of the roadway has worn away, exposing the concrete base.

    Damage from poor road conditions can add up to $2,000 or more in repair costs over the life of a car. About 500,000 auto insurance claims are filed each year for pothole mishaps.

    The most extensive damage to cars from potholes — alignment problems or damage to undercarriages, shocks, mufflers, axles, tires and hubcaps — may not be immediately noticeable to motorists, but may build up over time due to multiple collisions.

    Worst of all, some motorists react to potholes at the last minute, causing the motorist to swerve out of the way of a pothole and into the path of an oncoming car or truck. This risks far more serious damage and potentially loss of life.

    You can help to avoid this potential damage and injury by reporting potholes.

    How to Make a Difference
    If you discover a pothole on a state highway, call your state's Department of Transportation.

    If you discover a pothole on a local street, call the local government agency responsible for repairing roads. Depending on the size of the community, the responsible local agency might be called "Department of Transportation", "Department of Surface Transportation", "Department of Public Works", or just "City Hall". 

    State and local government telephone numbers can be found on the blue pages of your telephone book.

    Be prepared to provide the following information about the pothole:

    • Dimensions: Length, width, and depth of the hole.

    • Location: Street address or intersection. Is the pothole on the sidewalk or in the roadway? In the driving lane or the parking lane?

    • Additional reasons for urgency: Did you see or hear water in the pothole? Is the pothole impacting a bus route, or in a trolley track area? 

    When making your first call to report a pothole, please be patient: you may get transferred a few times. But it should take no longer than 15 minutes to get your information to the right person who will dispatch a work crew. Your call may save a fri/files/storyimages/or neighbor from serious injury or damage to their car. (information on potholes provided by

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