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    Steve Robertson, chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky, released a report today, blasting former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, who is running for Lt. Governor on the Democratic ticket this fall, along with incumbent Governor Steve Beshear.  According to Robertson, Abramson used an $180,000 “slush fund” to fund pet projects and lavish events with no oversight and at taxpayers’ expense.

    According to the report, Abramson made shocking expenditures such as $3,400 at a “fancy steakhouse” in Washington, D.C., $10,000 on four different Derby Day brunches with elected officials and $2,378 for a football game celebration.   Robertson claims an internal audit shows many of these expenditures had little to no documentation that would explain the public purpose for the use of the money.   He quotes an un-named Metro Louisville councilman as admitting that the Council never saw the expenditures and certainly would have questioned them had they had the opportunity.

    “The scandals from the Abramson administration continue to trickle out, and his abuse of power and total disrespect for the people’s money is both shocking and scary,” said RPK Chairman Robertson.  “If you are still wondering why Kentucky is in such a terrible economic state, look no further than the man Governor Beshear chose as his running mate.”

    This isn’t the first time the Republican Chairman has criticized Abramson for what he calls “scamming the taxpayers.”  Recently, Robertson charged that Abramson hired a “friend” for an $85,000 per-year job and she apparently never even showed up to work.   Abramson has not commented on this most recent alleged scandal, but the Democrat Party has quoted Abramson as being “proud” of his use of the fund.

    “Proud?  Is that a joke?” asked Robertson.  “It should absolutely terrify taxpayers to think about what this man will do with their money if he receives the promotion he wants.  Jerry Abramson has defrauded the taxpayers time and again and when Steve Beshear allows this man to stand beside him, he is complicit in every single one of his schemes.”

    Gov. Steve Beshear and running-mate Jerry Abramson


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