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    I ventured out to Revelry Boutique Gallery on Saturday for an event known as Cuteopia! It was the second annual show, and it was curated by Mo McKnight Howe and Lyndi Lou. The event featured artwork from local female artists, such as Melody Dennison, Rachel Foster, Rachel Hardin, Mo McKnight Howe, Shelley Vaughn Hulsey, McKenzie Humphreys, Mary Levinsky, Lyndi Lou, Miss Happy Pink, Smyleigh Selby, Sarah Smith, Mia Snell, Megan Tierney, Sara Turner, and Amy Willmore.

    The boutique was full of paintings, posters, jewelry, mugs, magnets, and even t-shirts. There were so many things that paid homage to our wonderful state, and there were even a few things that mentioned the greatest drink known to man: bourbon. I also found posters with different neighborhoods in Louisville, such as Germantown and The Highlands, and other pieces that illustrated the Belle of Louisville and Forecastle, to name a few.

    I heard a great story behind this Maker's Mark paper art from Melissa Sinkovic. She created these pieces by using Maker's Mark labels, and apparently the distillery found out about it. They loved it so much that they granted her access to all of the recycled materials. She can now use an endless supply of labels with ease, and I also heard that Maker's Mark will let her dip her artwork into the red wax. Melissa had a few headbands, hair bows, bow ties, and rings that were handcrafted with that great bourbon whiskey brand.

    I also have to mention that there was a table with cupcakes, cookies, candy, and cake pops. The cake pops were actually Oreos covered in white chocolate and sprinkles. There was even canned PBR and a concoction called love potion. The beverage was made with fruit punch and vodka, and it was the perfect cocktail for Cuteopia! The gallery was beautiful, the sweet treats were delicious, and if I could sum up this event in one word, I would say that it was cute, of course!

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    My name is Krystin. I live in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. I love to take pictures, support local businesses, drink tons of coffee, and write about this wonderful thing called life.

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