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    311 at The Louisville Palace
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    311 hit the mainstream music scene in 1995 with their self titled album, sometime referred to as The Blue Album.  For many attending, the show was a chance to revisit times past, whether in high school or college.  The mood of the crowd was receptive when the band took the stage, yet the momentum died down when 311 played their newer material.  311 is on tour to support their newest release, “Universal Pulse” which takes a detour from their earlier material.  The songs are not as well known as others in their catalog, but very good in their own right.   

    The guys did not seem to have their groove in check for the show and the stage presence suffered as a result.  The energy of 311 must have missed the tour bus.  The music was there and they played well, but the audience did not seem to get the warm fuzzy feeling they expected.  The mood of the audience seemed a bit off for a concert.  Perhaps the holiday season has set in or maybe the thought of getting up for work the next day took priority over cheering. The newer material seemed mechanical and forced.  The audience cheered, just not as much as they did with the older material.     

    The more popular songs, “Down” and “All Mixed Up” were well received and a number of whistles could be heard from around the theater.  A nostalgia for times past came over the crowd when 311 hit the first chord for “Down”.  There were plenty of true 311 fans in attendance, sporting t-shirts, hats, and even a few patches could be seen on bags and coats.  Many fans, especially those in the front four rows were on their feet the majority of the time.  The band made sure to give a few high-fives to those in the front row.      

    All in all, a good show and many fans stayed until they could get their post-show autograph.  There were some early departures; however the house was still very full at the conclusion of the show.  311 is off to the southwest to play in Arizona before heading over to Cali for a few dates.  The tour will take the holiday season off, but will return in the Spring with many dates in the west and mid-west.  The conclusion of the Spring tour will be in Las Vegas on March 11, 2012, yes, 311 day.     

    Photo: Courtesy of 311

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