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    Review: Always a Bridesmaid with Eve Theatre
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    In a blend of The Golden Girls meets Sex in the City, Eve Theatre's Always a Bridesmaid chronicles Deedra, Libby Ruth, Monette and Charlie, friends since high school, who made a promise years ago to be bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, no matter the cost. Little did they know that they would still be working to fulfill that obligation—thirty years and a myriad of marital mishaps later.

    Tying the stories together is Julie Streble as Kari, Libby Ruth’s (Ann Meyer) daughter, who weaves her way through flashbacks as she regales the guests of her own wedding with stories of the women’s adventures.

    The accomplished cast of six has a theatrical resume a mile long, and their experience shows in the ensemble production, where the four main actors rarely leave the stage. Their delivery of well-timed one-liners and back-and-forth banter make the first act more than enjoyable.

    In the second act, the pace of the production slows; the convention of the women coming back to the same location for yet another wedding gets a bit old and some of the dialogue drags. Thankfully, things liven up again when the women reunite for Deedra’s wedding amidst a miscommunication over her French-themed nuptials.

    In an unexpectedly poignant twist, the play comes full-circle as Kari prepares for her own wedding. The moment near the end of the production is connected and honest and touching, leaving one to wonder if there are other moments during the play when the cast could focus more on the relationships and less on the laugh.

    Eve does a terrific job with the production elements in Bridesmaid, making sure they complement, and not distract from, the story. The sound design creates a fun atmosphere, and the costumes are characters unto themselves.

    Always a Bridesmaid is directed by Kate Scinta and continues through June 1 at The Bard’s Town, 1801 Bardstown Road, in the Highlands neighborhood. Tickets are $22/$19 and can be purchased online or by calling 502-759-1912.

    Image: Courtesy of Eve Theatre

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