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    With garage rock, it's really easy to fall into a bottomless pit of the same sounds, endlessly rearranged and disheartening. Louisville’s Brenda, however, subverts those expectations in the band's second EP, "NIGHTSCHOOL," an entertaining and rambunctious ode to all-nighters.

    The opening track, “AUTOREPLY,” is an energetic, distorted jam. The first lyrics of the record are a frenetic “What do you mean your hands are tired?” Right off the bat, it is an eccentric riff on the demanding nature. It’s a gritty, low-fi track that provides a nicely condensed view of what to expect for the rest of the EP.

    The second track, “top shelf,” is more refined and significantly more chill than the opener, but it is no less fun. Highlighted by ridiculously catchy and fuzzy background vocals and a wavy guitar riff, “top shelf” is probably the most absorbing and enjoyable tracks on the EP.

    The atmosphere of a sleepy, dizzying late night party never relents through all six tracks. The title track is simply infectious, with its peppy and nostalgic tangles of "sha-la-la’s" and "oh yeah!’s." Aside from the being easy to sing along too, there's also some clever lyrics here like "I talk a lot of trash, but i always recycle." The track “bb’s buttons” is a slow and easy going love song that does a great job of winding down the EP.

    If you’re looking for something nostalgic, energetic, and super enjoyable, this EP would be a good place to look.

    Brenda’s “Nightschool” releases on June 17, and can be preordered from their Bandcamp

    Brenda will also be performing at Waterfront Wednesday on June 29. 

    Header Image: Brenda

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