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    Christopher Titus came through town last night, reminding a ¾ full Bomhard Theater of why he is one of the most underrated comedians of his generation. 

    This tour, he is working on his newest show “Angry Pursuit of Happiness,” the filming of which is slated for September, with Titus on the road shaving the show down from 2 hours to a more TV friendly 90 minutes.  A Herculean task, considering that every word that came out of his mouth was golden.

    On-stage at the Bomhard Theater, in the Kentucky Center for the Arts, he wasted no time noting that Bomhard is the worst possible name for a theater that a comedian is performing in (“Bomb” “Hard”…get it?  I guess you had to be there).

    Throughout the show, he takes you with him explaining why he’s pissed at the Mayans, how to stop school shootings, the N.R.A., and who he wants to speak about him at his own funeral (it’ll be a “Me-logy” instead of a “eulogy”).  And it was a delight watching Titus call back to a heckler throughout the show in ways that only truly great comedians can.

    In his typical fashion, he tends to bring his shows through laughter to an emotional apex, which he did while talking about his father and his father’s funeral.  Somehow, he always makes you laugh through his tears.  He hasn’t lost his edge with age or new material, and while perhaps the subject matter is less brutal, it is equally as titillating and jarring as his early works, like:  Norman Rockwell is Bleeding and Love is Evol.

    His wife and opening act Rachel Bradley is hilarious in her own right.  Taking stage and control for a solid 20 minutes of fun beforehand…loosening up the audience and handling some masterful crowd work.  Her written material was funny, somewhat less thoughtful than what Titus does, but then again, he is a rare breed in an industry that often resolves to thrive on uniformity.

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