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    The Right Reverend Al Green is made of class. The man came onto stage in triple digit temperatures wearing a full tuxedo with a boquet of roses for the audience - and let me tell you, I wanted one.

    He flirted with us. He cajoled us. He teased us, urging us to dance in the heat and let  our bodies feel the music. To heck with heat stroke. After all, if he could keep strutting the stage with that kind of energy, so could we.

    The mostly white crowd packed tight against the stage couldn't get enough of his energy. Even traditionally slow songs, like "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" were delivered with such power people couldn't resist singing along with that gorgeous voice. Every girl in the audience had her arms outstretched to the stage hoping for one of those roses during his rendition of "Pretty Woman."

    His gorgeous background singers were full figured ladies with powerful voices instead of stage bunnies there to provide atmosphere. That's no surprise the Right Reverend Al Green's quality and class extended to his entire entourage. However, I was surprised by the number of young faces there to see him at a venue with a reputation for targeting the 40+ concert crowd.  Obviously, quality is ageless.

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