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    The Louisville Zoo (along with animal lovers everywhere) is mourning the loss of Scotty, the baby African elephant. Scotty died yesterday after a brief illness. 


    The baby elephant was recently diagnosed with colic after several bouts of gastrointestinal issues. Though colic is harmless in humans, it can prove to be a devastating illness in elephants.


    The zoo's Veterinary staff worked to alleviate Scotty's discomfort and treat the elephant's ailment. But Scotty's health and overall comfort quickly deteriorated. Staff made the decision to euthanize Scotty around 8:30 last night after realizing that there was nothing more they could do to comfort him.


    I'm really sad about this. A friend's baby shower gift to me was sponsoring Scotty in my I've always felt a small connection to him. Plus, my family has seen Scotty at the zoo several times and he was always a really playful baby elephant. 


    Information about how to remember Scotty will be released soon by the zoo. 


    Photo courtesy of The Louisville Zoo   



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