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    Acting Against Cancer is currently accepting auditions for their production of the Rocky Horror Show. Signing up for a one hour time slot prior to auditioning is required, and anyone who wishes to audition can sign up for their preferred time slot here. This hour will include groups learning a song from the show with the music director, Charlie Meredith. Additionally, the director, Remy Sisk, will instruct the blocking of a scene. It is not required to come prepared with a song or monologue because everything will be taught at the audition! The Acting Against Cancer crew have provided a character breakdown:

    • NARRATOR: good radio voice, possibly non-singing, charismatic and intriguing. 

    • BRAD (A Hero): Geeky, wholesome, earnest young man in love with Janet. Naive at first but gradually seduced by the castle's sordidness. Must be comfortable in little clothing.

    • JANET (A Heroine): A naive and beautiful woman, young and in love with Brad. Starts innocent but is gradually seduced by the castle's sordidness. Must be comfortable in little clothing.


      (A Handyman): The eccentric butler of the castle, reserved at times but easily unleashable

      . Has a (seemingly) deep loyalty to Frank n Furter

      and an alliance with Magenta.

    • MAGENTA (A Domestic): Riff Raff's

      sister who acts as the maid of the castle. Sexually ravenous and energetic, she lurks about with an invigorating presence. 

    • COLUMBIA (A Groupie): A true character, she was/is in love with Frank n Furter

      and Eddie. A human who has found herself in a very bizarre situation, which she relishes. Tap dances. Must be comfortable in little clothing.


      (A Scientist): A transvestite, pansexual

      mad scientist who seduces all who cross his path. Masculine but owns the femininity of his dress and occasional actions. Must be comfortable in little clothing.

    • ROCKY (A Creation): The muscular creation of Frank n Furter

      . Doesn't say much but has conflicting loyalty and a raging libido. Must be comfortable in little clothing.

    • EDDIE (A Delivery Boy): A no-good rocker operated upon by Frank n Furter

      . Had a relationship with Columbia. Makes a very limited appearance and

      could be double cast with Dr. Scott.

    • DR. SCOTT (A Rival Scientist): An aging, wheelchair-bound scientist who once taught Brad and Janet. Catches on to the real identity of Frank n Furter

      quickly. Comical and astute. Could be double cast with Eddie.

    • There will be a robust ensemble as well as "Science Fiction/Double Feature" soloists.

    The venue for auditions will be the Hertz-Stark Building, Suite 510, located at 455 South 4th Street. Auditions will be held on July 6th between 3 - 7 p.m. and July 7th between 7 - 10 p.m. Don't forget the fishnets!

    Photo courtesy of Acting Against Cancer Facebook page

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