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    Roger Waters will perform The Wall, Live at KFC YUM! Center
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    The concept behind The Wall stemmed from a rather unpleasant experience where Roger Waters imagined building a wall between the band and the audience.  This concept is furthered by the life experiences of “Pink”, a character based on Waters; a person tormented by the death of his father in WWII, an over-protective mother, and abusive teachers.  As “Pink” ages, these torments become metaphorical “bricks in The Wall”. 

    As “Pink” reaches adulthood, he becomes a rock star, unable to maintain relationships due to drug use, infidelity, and violent rants; completing The Wall and barring any human contact. As The Wall is built, the isolation turns to guilt and “Pink” finds himself alone, yearning for human contact.  In an effort to redeem his life, “Pink” puts himself on trial with his inner judge, the voice that orders him to tear down The Wall and expose himself to the world.  The culmination of song and theatrics lend to the cyclical nature of Waters’ themes throughout the album.

    The Wall, a double album released in 1979, was arguably the beginning of the end for Pink Floyd.  The band’s struggles to get along while in the studio and come together with creative differences overshadowed the writing and production processes for The Wall.  The differences between the band mates did not deter fans as the double album is certified 23 times Platinum in both the UK and US, second to The Dark Side of the Moon, released in 1973. Since the release, The Wall has remained at the top of many lists attesting to the musical genius of Pink Floyd.

    Following the release, The Wall was made into a full length live-action, animated musical based entirely on the album.  Waters wrote the screenplay which uses intense metaphorical imagery with heightened sound effects.  Images from the movie, along with dramatic effects heard on the album come together as Waters performs both the music and as the character, “Pink” in the live show.  The Wall, Live is an experience unique to the Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, as fans are welcomed into the plot and concurrently feel the pain and happiness of “Pink”.

    Roger Waters is set to take the journey at The KFC YUM! Center tomorrow, June 10th at 8:00 pm.  Tickets are still available for the performance, ranging from $68.35 to $219.00.  This is a once in a lifetime show, the greatness of a live show by Roger Waters is very near.

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