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    Since 2005 the Derby City Roller Girls have been blading their way through competition, and after joining the World Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in 2009 there quest to bring solid roller derby to Louisville strengthened.

    And, that strength will be in display June 8th when the Roller Girls square off against the South Bend Roller Girls at Champs, their home court.

    For the record, I would just like to break here to explain what the heck roller derby is, since it seems like so many people have absolutely no idea what the rules are or if there are even rules. Well, let me assure you there are rules. The sport consists of two teams, each team has a Jammer, this is a skater who attempts to lap skaters from the other team; think of a running back. Now, the Jammer’s teammates job is to both act as a lineman, blocking for the Jammer against the opposing team, as well as a linebacker looking to stop the other team’s Jammer.

    Derby City is currently 4-2 in the 2013 season with one match left undecided, currently the team plays in the North Central division of the WFTDA, where as of April 30th, they are ranked 136 out of 155 teams. In Louisville’s division are teams from South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, Canada, and of course Kentucky. 

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