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    On Sunday, May 24th, RumpFest is coming to the Highlands. Griffin Paulin, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Rumplings, is partnering with James Morris, of the nearby apparel store Sole Foundation, to bring live music, great food and summer festival fun to Highland Avenue.

    Paulin (who spends Monday nights cooking for the wildly popular Ten Tables dining club) has secured the necessary permits to block off Highland Avenue from the alley to Baxter Avenue. On May 24th, 2015, the street will close at 10 a.m. for setup (with help from the Doo Wop Shop) and RumpFest will be open to the public between 1 and 2 p.m. Local bluegrass/cryptofolk band Hound of the Buskervilles will open RumpFest, followed by rock band Ocifer. “They [Ocifer] remind me of Jack Black meets the Chili Peppers from the early ‘80s. They’re like, instantly my favorite Louisville band,” Paulin says. Louisville rapper Jalin Roze will be headlining Rumpfest.

    This is the first event of its kind Paulin has planned. He and Morris hammered out the details “over a few beers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” Paulin says. “And I’d be a jerk if I didn’t mention Dennie Humphrey [of The Monkey Wrench] and Lyndi Lou [of the Louisville Zombie Walk and much more], they helped me out a lot. It’s really cool to be part of a community who wants to bring good things to this neighborhood.”
    West Sixth Brewery is officially the beer sponsor for RumpFest, and the event is fully licensed to serve beer and alcohol outside. Rumplings fare will be available for purchase, according to Paulin, “I’ve been working on Korean BBQ, which hopefully I’ll debut at RumpFest. We’ll also have a teppanyaki station outside.” Staggeringly Delicious will be on hand with sweets.
    Entry to RumpFest will be totally free. Paulin sees this as his chance to give back to a neighborhood that’s been very good to him, his business, and his industry. “When I was five years old my parents got divorced, and my mother and I moved to Rufer Avenue, which is really close to here. We lived there before that side of the Highlands and Germantown was considered a nice or trendy neighborhood, and it’s not a secret that the restaurant industry helped mold it into such."

    "The Highlands and the [restaurant] industry are synonymous these days, so it makes sense that I should give back to the neighborhood that’s molded me, using the industry I’m in. I grew up in the Highlands. I live in the Highlands. I work on Highland Avenue. It just made so much sense to me to do something for the people of this neighborhood, to give people something to do.”

    So...why call it RumpFest? "Well," laughs Paulin. "I was told that the name 'Highland Avenue Block Party' was lazy and not creative at all. So, RumpFest." 

    You can RSVP for RumpFest on Facebook here. 

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