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    Sarabande Books presents the Four Short Story Writers of the Apocalypse at 21c
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    The end is nigh.  Quickly approaching on swift wings, the looming Apocalypse breathes its wild, gypsy breath into the shivers of our spines.  We cannot escape the fierce plunging of hooves into the Earth, the raw, iron might of Death’s steely scythe.  Humble pawns in the dance of our own finite bodies.  The end is nigh – tonight, actually.  Bring your rations and get ready for a hearty literary grenade.  Sarabande Books presents the Four Short Story Writers of the Apocalypse at tonight’s 21c Reading Series. 

    Normally a stage set for local, regional and national talents in the contemporary poetry circle, Sarabande’s 21c Reading Series mixes it up at tonight’s show as University of Iowa Professor and Director of the Nonfiction Writing Program, Robin Hemley, and his fellow horsemen descend on Louisville.  A blitzkrieg of bookworms, Hemley’s Four Short Story Writers of the Apocalypse has most recently toured in Iowa City, rounding up fresh talents and participating in workshops, readings and classes for curious minds.  Joining Hemley in tonight’s group are authors Doug Dorst, Caitlin Horrocks and Melissa Pritchard – all newly recruited harbingers of literature.  In addition to tonight’s event at 21c Museum Hotel, the group will also participate in a workshop at the Kentucky School for the Blind and enjoy an intimate dinner with local students – no word on whether or not they will be outfitted in cloaks.

    Blaze the trumpets, heed the call and head out for the coming Louisville’s heralds of letters.  Catch an apocalypse now starting at 7:30pm; look for the Red Penguins – and maybe check around the corner for some swift and fiery steeds.  Tonight’s featured fiction is certainly no plague.    

    21c Museum Hotel is located at 700 W. Main Street.  For more information on Sarabande’s 21c Reading Series, visit the event page.

    Photo: Courtesy of Sarabande Books website

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