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    Thursday has many merits, the chief among them being that Thursday is the day before Friday. Second only to this perk is the Louisville summertime treat of gelato from Proof on Main, served from a cart on Thursdays, at the corner of 7th and Main. If you're not sure where I'm talking about; look for the giant, gilded statue of David on Main Street. The gelato cart will be right beside the statue, and it's hard to miss. This gelato is cheap, handmade, and utterly indulgent.

    Now, you can pretty reliably get gelato and sorbet at Proof on Main any time, but there's just something about getting a $3 (seriously) scoop of that smooth, thick, cold, creamy dessert outside, from the little striped cart. The flavors change and rotate weekly, so there's always something new and interesting to sample: 

    Strawberry lavender, caramel sea salt, caramelized white chocolate, cotton candy, caramel corn, sweet lemonade sorbet, chocolate hazelnut, vanilla malt, balsamic strawberry, salted peanut—I 

    would go on with this flavor list, but it would get tiresome and I would get more hungry than I already am. I have personally had the salted caramel, chocolate hazelnut and salted peanut gelato; I may never recover from the ensuing party my taste buds threw in my mouth. Those little suckers are ROWDY. 


    can follow the Proof gelato cart on twitter (



    ) to check out the flavors and whereabouts of this toothsome treat. Better hurry, as the summer wanes to a close so does gelato cart season! 

    photos: Elizabeth Orrick

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