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    The search for missing IU student, Lauren Spierer, has gone social. They've taken their search efforts to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

    Since her disappearance, friends took to social media to help spread the word and it worked. Local and national news outlets that include, CNN,, Fox and CBS have all seemingly joined in on the hunt to find Lauren Spierer thanks to the help of popular social sites like Twitter and Facebook. For instance, the following social sites have been leveraged to help spread awareness and information regarding Lauren's disappearance. 

    • Facebook: Help Find Lauren Spierer Official Facebook Page (32,750 fans):
    • Facebook: Event to help spread the word about Lauren Spierer (190,890 attending) Click HERE to attend. 
    • Tribute Balloon (This Facebook application allows you to pass a balloon with Lauren's flyer download information, details, etc. from friend to friend)
    • Family website and fund for Lauren Spierer.
    • Twitter: Official news and Twitter account for Lauren (13,425 followers)
    • Twitter: Download the flyer and share it with your friends, family and networks.

    Feel free to join one or all of the social sites and help spread the word. Remember, every tweet, Like, share or comment is helpful in spreading awareness within the community.

    Photo: Facebook/Find.Lauren

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