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    We here at absolutely love the folks at Secrets of Louisville Chefs. They bring professional Food Network style programming to life right here in our town. Studio audience tickets are free, the food samples are amazing, and based on seeing their van in the RV lot at Thunder, I can tell you these guys love pirates.

    Louisville has a lot of gems which locals take wonderfully, blisffuly for granted. Our restaurant scene is one of them. We're consistantly ranked as one of the best towns for foodies in the country. Yes, really. Go on, visit Indianapolis or Cincinnati for contrast and just try to find a strip like Frankfort Avenue. Don't bother searching for an equivalent of Bardstown Road. It doesn't exist. Per capita, we have more restaurant seats than Chicago, Atlanta, or Boston - and yet we still have 2 hour waits on weekends because Louisvillians love eating out so much.

    That's why the Secrets of Louisville Chefs family of shows delights me. Louisville deserves that kind of in-depth attention. We earned it.

    Don't kick yourself if you're wondering why you haven't seen these shows before. They were on at a crappy time. That's all about to change. They're finally geting the air time they deserve as part of a move to the ION network.

    Starting June 1, you can tune into channel 21 (it's the same on cable or satellite) on weeknights at 6 pm, Saturday nights at 11, and Sunday afternoons at 4:30. If you keep the food network on when you're in the kitchen, this is the perfect thing to have playing while you make dinner.

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