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    If you haven't seen Stephen Lynch before, his wholesome good looks and
    sweet melodies might fool you into thinking he's about to sing that
    your body is a wonderland...that he just polluted with herpes.

    His cult following doesn't care. We'll cheerfully say "Thank you sir, may I have another," no matter how much it burns.

    suggesting a good ointment, Lynch took a little time off from his
    European tour to answer a few of our burning questions. He's at the
    Horseshoe Casino on Friday night. You should be too, lest you miss out
    on one of the funniest nights Louisville has to offer.

    You used to travel with Rod Cone, Mark Teich, David Josefsberg, and your brother. Now that you're married, does your wife tour with you?



    She would but she hates those guys. And traveling. And me. So, no.
    You've been on tour in Europe. What's your most surprising group of fans?


    Albino Kung Fu libertarians. They come out in droves! Actually, my
    audiences in Europe and here in the States run the gamut- age, race,
    gender, economic status, social conscience, artistic ability, political
    party, sexual dysfunction, apocalypse preparedness, Kung Fu belt-
    there's always a healthy mix at my shows. 


    You have quite the geek following here in the United States. Do you ever consider yourself a sexy, hygienic version of the unwashed D&D loving, Battlestar Galactica watching masses? 



    of all, I am NOT hygenic. Secondly, I never knew I had a geek
    following. That's pretty cool. I'll add them to the above list of
    people who come to my shows.

    There's a Roman Catholic congressman named Stephen Lynch. Have you ever sat in for him in the House of Representatives? 



    but he will be opening for me tomorrow night. He will probably do some
    high-llarious political satire songs. And "Margaritaville."
    "America" is tied with "3 Balloons" for my personal favorite on the new
    album. When did you write it? 


    wrote in in England a few years ago. I got the feeling while on tour
    there that the Brits thought everyone from the US was a gun totin,'
    George Bush-lovin,' war-mongerin,' fast-food eating asshole. I'm not.
    Well, maybe the asshole part. 


    How many years were you performing before you quit your day job?


    mean my day job as a sandwich artist at Subway? I'll never give it up.
    I enjoy it too much- the meats, the cheeses, the fresh veggies, the
    sauces, and especially the flatbread. I started paying my rent by
    performing about 10 years ago. 


    Did you have any trouble getting permission from the Schultz estate for "Peanuts?"


    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. (I never asked for permission...)
    What do you want for the Guatemalan child in your derrière? 


    One million quetzals.


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