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    Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell
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    obama_jobs_vertical.jpgPresident Obama addressed an audience of union electricians at a Pittsburgh training center today, and used the opportunity to tout his $447 billion jobs bill.  “Today is the day when every American will find out exactly where their senator stands on this jobs bill,” Obama told the friendly crowd.  “The Senate should pass it today,” he suggested, adding, “This is gut-check time. I need your help. Let Congress know who they work for. Tell them the time for gridlock and games is over.”

    As of 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, voting in the Democrat-dominated Senate continued, but Reuters reported that opponents had amassed more than the 40 votes they needed to block the legislation in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  The vote was not expected to officially close for several hours until one Democratic lawmaker returned to Washington, but that was not expected to affect the outcome.  (Under the constitution, spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives, so the Senate vote was mostly political theater anyway.  President Obama’s jobs bill has yet to be introduced in the House—not a single Democrat has come forward to sponsor it—and the Republican majority in that body virtually guarantees the proposal’s defeat.)

    While President Obama was firing up his union supporters, Kentucky’s senior senator, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, was on the floor of the U.S. Senate, offering a different take on the Administration’s proposal:  “A little later today, the Senate will vote on President Obama’s second attempt to address our nation’s ongoing jobs crisis with a stimulus bill.  And Republicans welcome the opportunity.  If voting against another stimulus is the only way we can get Democrats in Washington to finally abandon this failed approach to job creation, then so be it.”

    Mitch McConnell smiles.jpgReminding his fellow senators that the Democrats have controlled the Senate for nearly five years, Sen. McConnell said that, “By proposing a second stimulus, Democrats are showing the American people that they have no new ideas for dealing with our jobs crisis.  Today’s vote is conclusive proof that Democrats’ sole proposal is to keep doing what hasn’t worked — along with a massive tax hike that we know won’t create jobs.”

    “The President’s first stimulus was a legislative and economic catastrophe,”  McConnell continued.  “Nearly three years after passage, we’re still learning about its failures and abuses. We knew it was a bailout for states. We knew about all the absurd projects it funded. And over the past several weeks, we’ve also learned that the Obama administration was doing the very thing with solar companies that it once rightly criticized many others for doing on Wall Street: gambling with other people’s money.”

    obama-jobs.jpgSummarizing the importance of today’s vote, Sen. McConnell said, “There’s really only one thing you need to know about the first stimulus to oppose this second one, and it’s this: $825 billion later, there are 1.5 million fewer jobs in this country than there were when the first stimulus was signed. That’s the clearest proof it was a monstrous failure.  And it’s the surest proof we have that those who support this second stimulus are not doing so to create jobs… Why on earth would you support an approach that we already know won’t work?”

    McConnell suggested that the Democrats designed their own bill to fail — in the hopes that anyone who votes against it will look bad for opposing a bill misleadingly called a  “jobs bill.”  “The Senior Senator for New York has been out there telling reporters that what Democrats are going for today is ‘contrast.’  It doesn’t seem to matter that this bill won’t pass, or that even if it did pass, American businesses would be stuck with a permanent tax hike. Forget about all that. What matters most to the Democrats who control the Senate, according to the stories I’ve been reading, is that they have an issue to run on next year.  This whole exercise, by their own admission, is a charade that’s meant to give Democrats a political edge in an election that is 13 months away.”

    Obama points to jobs bill.jpgSen. McConnell went on to remind his colleagues that the tax cuts contained in Obama’s jobs bill will only last for 13 months, “…while the tax hike lasts forever.  They hide the fact that over the next five years it will actually increase the deficit by nearly $300 billion dollars next year alone.”

    “If you ask me, this is a pretty sad commentary on the state of Democrat party in Washington,” he concluded.  “Democrats may have run out of ideas. But Republicans are ready to work with them on a new approach.  It’s why we’re here. We’re ready to act.”

    Americans Want Democrats to Focus on Job Creation, Not Political Preservation

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