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    Earlier today I heard Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) speak to a room full of students and reporters at the McConnell Center at U of L. He was there to discuss “his election, recent developments in Washington and the future of American politics after the 2010 midterm elections." Brown famously was elected to the seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy’s death.

    Brown spent most of his time speaking about the economy and the need for jobs. He also spoke about his opposition to increased tax rates in the middle of a two-year recession, mentioning how he has never voted to raise taxes, as well as his opposition to current health care reform.

    As someone who has not made it a point to see politicians speak live, I found Brown charismatic and a good speaker. He definitely knows how to target his audience. He spoke of how he is still serving in the military and of his love of running and the pride he has in his wife and two daughters. While I enjoyed hearing him speak, he talked a lot without providing any real answers, especially when facing questions from the students at the end of his talk. This feeling, of course, could just be my cynicism of politicians in general.

    Photo courtesy of T. Stith.

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