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    They Closed WHAT?  Yep, a huge crack in a support beam closed the Sherman Minton bridge and I-64 coming from Indiana.  As my grandpa used to say it's "uglier than three pounds of sh*t in a two pound bag."  So, after you call River Fields about why they are against an east end bridge, download some tunes to help get you through it.  

    Here are my TOP 10 STUCK IN TRAFFIC songs:

    10) Running on Empty - Jackson Browne

          For those who forgot to fill-up before the commute

    9) I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar

        You can substitute 65 for 55 and scream along with the chorus

    8) Driving My Life Away - Eddie Rabbit

        It was country before country was cool

    7) Drive - The Cars

        Forget the high school slow dance, I seriously want to know  

        "who's gonna drive you home?"

    6) Radar Love - Golden Earring

        I don't want to know why your "hands are wet on the wheel"

    5) Holiday Road - Lindsey Buckingham

        A personal fave, and who can be pissed with that guitar riff

    4) Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

       It sure is and for the next few weeks life is going to suck

    3) Slow Ride - Foghat

        Okay it kind of writes itself..."slow ride, take it easy.."

    2) Shut up and Drive - Rhianna

        I know it's not really about driving, but a man needs a

       diversion sometimes

    1) Highway to Hell - AC/DC

       Some air guitar and your voice will already be hoarse from

       screaming at the folks who don't know how to merge in heavy


    That is just my take. Do you have songs you would include?

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    Radio Personality with 102.3 THE MAX (Lambert & Lindsey Show). Married, two boys (19 and 10), and I love music, fun and food!

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