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    Shop at Work the Metal today, November 17, 2011 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and 20% of all sales during the event benefit the Neighborhood Place Families R Us Store. The Families R Us Store is an incentive for clients of the Neighborhood Place where they earn coupons to use in the store for everyday household items such as diapers, cleaning supplies, shampoo, soap, etc. Work the Metal is generously providing light appetizers for all attendees.

    Erin Paulin, a Louisville Metro Administrator for Neighborhood Place explained to me “Everyone at the Neighborhood Place really enjoys the event at Work the Metal. We have the event this time of year on purpose because it is a unique, locally owned store and has gifts in every price range.”

    This event is a perfect opportunity to stock up on gifts for the holidays or to come in and add things to your wish list. Either way it is guilt free shopping with 20% of all sales going to a local organization.

    Work the Metal specializes in fine home furnishings and great gift items. They are located in the Butchertown Market Building at 1201 Story Avenue in Butchertown district of Downtown Louisville. For more information about Work the Metal, please visit their website at:

    Neighborhood Place:

    Neighborhood Place is a partnership of Louisville Metro agencies and community residents who have come together to deliver services in a new way. The approach requires a unified action plan among diverse governments, agencies and neighborhood residents. Because agencies are not competing with one another, they are in a position to maximize every resource available to them. The most significant benefit is to the families Neighborhood Place serves. 

    Before Neighborhood Place was created, families who lived in different parts of the county and needed help had to travel to various locations to get the services they needed. They drove or took the bus to one building to apply for food stamps, Medicaid, or welfare benefits, another for health needs, one more for emergency financial needs, and still another to get help applying for jobs. None of the agencies formally knew what the other was doing with the families. Families were not routinely asked what they needed, but rather were fit into a program. They were determined eligible or ineligible for services, and were sent on their way. 

    In the early 1990’s, Jefferson County officials learned that the poverty rate for children younger than five years of age reached 35% for some areas. During the same period, the state legislature passed the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), which established school-based Family Resource and Youth Services Centers. The traditional fragmented service system simply could not handle the volume of families needing services. In November 1993, the first pilot multi-service center – Neighborhood Place – opened to increase access to services. Today, eight Neighborhood Places, along with two satellite sites, serve all of the citizens of Jefferson County.

    For additional information please visit

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