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    What is it about buying a Mother's Day gift that strikes fear into the hearts of men? My own husband (who usually has a rather lax attitude about giving gifts for other holidays) appears to be downright daunted about picking out the perfect bauble for Mother's Day. Perhaps it is because after witnessing the magical gore of pregnancy and childbirth, men feel intimidated about selecting the right gift that expresses their gratitude for motherhood.

    Here is my wish-list of Mother's Day gifts and where to find them in Louisville. Feel free to forward this along to my husband!

    Cale and Cole Keepsake Necklace from Luna Boutique

    I loved this gorgeous silver necklace because it of is sophisticated, yet sentimental charm. Cale and Cole is a family-owned, local company that offers an entire line of keepsake jewelry that even the most fashion-conscious moms will adore. Get them personalized with the names, initials or birthdays of your children on little pendants. You can also add charms like pacifiers to complete the look. Stop by Luna Boutique on Bardstown Road (behind Avalon) to order your favorite mom and necklace.

    A sassy watering can from Rigolo

    I've never had a green thumb. Plants run from me knowing that despite my love and affection, I am the girl who always forgets to water them. But this chore wouldn't be such a drudgery if I had a watering can from Rigolo. Surely, I could become a master gardener if only I had a pink watering can shaped like a snail wearing a pearl necklace! I must confess, it was hard to pick just one item to spotlight from Rigolo on Bardstown Road because of their vast array of French gifts “for a fun and functional lifestyle”. Stop in and you'll find the perfect gift for any “maman” in your life. The best part? This Friday only, they are having a 10% off sale just for Mother's Day...oohh la la!

    Cute bed sheets from Clay and Cotto

    Ask any new mom what she wants more than anything for Mother's Day, and you'll hear the same answer: “sleep!” So, what better way to honor a tired mom's wishes than getting her some cute and cozy sheets for Mother's Day? Clay and Cotton has a selection of gorgeous sheets that will ensure mom a good (and stylish) night's sleep. A dad will hit the jackpot by coupling this gift along with coupon redeemable for one night of interrupted sleep. 

    "Mom-themed" books from Carmichael's Bookstore

    I'm a self-proclaimed “book nerd,” so I'm always happy when someone gives me something new to read. I am happy to report that Carmichael's Bookstore has a huge selection of non-cheesy "mom books" that will make exquisite gifts for a reader. My pick for Mother's Day is “The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Mothers and How It Undermined All Women” by self-proclaimed “moms with attitude” Susan Douglas and Meredith Michaels. This book is filled with irreverent sarcasm about the trials and tribulations of motherhood that is perfect for Mother's Day. Another recommendation for a fiction-lover is “The Red Thread” by Ann Hood. It tells the story of a woman with a sad past, who opens an adoption agency that places Chinese babies with American families. Haunting and beautifully written, this novel weaves the fragile ties between mothers and children.

    iPad, Apple Store in Oxmoor Mall

    What mom wouldn't want an iPad for Mother's Day? Talk about multi-tasking! I could read a book, check my e-mail, write my column and listen to music all at the same time. And with its wide array of apps, the iPad will keep even the most techo-savvy toddler (like Jack) entertained.  Unfortunately, iPads don't come cheap, and kids are expensive, so I doubt that my loving, but fiscally responsible hubby will spring for one this year. So, I’m participating in a contest at Best Kids Apps, a blog about iPhone apps for kids, for a chance to win an iPad.

    So getting your Mother's Day shopping on. And remember, when all else can never go wrong with flowers!


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