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    One of the things that makes Louisville the weirdest is our annual zombie walk (called the “Zombie Attack” this year), held on August 29, starting at 8:29 p.m.

    2014 marks the tenth anniversary of the (self-proclaimed) oldest and largest zombie walk in the world. We spoke with Lyndi Lou, local artist and co-founder of the Zombie Walk, to get all the details. What are the details for this year’s event? Where will it start and finish? Is there going to be an official pre- or post-party?

    Lyndi Lou: “This year's Zombie Attack actually has two starting points! Mid City Mall's parking lot and also (the traditional) the corners of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road. The walk ends at Highland Taproom, so that gives people a choice of either a short or long route. The official pre-party is at the Back Door, and the event/post-party is at Highland Taproom (1058 Bardstown Road) where there'll be music both inside (featuring Dead Dick Hammer, Trophy Wives, and We Are Hex) and on an outdoor stage in the middle of Bardstown Road (featuring Dead Halo, Vice Tricks, and Nulydedz). There'll also be a costume contest for Grossest Zombie, Hot Zombie, King & Queen Zombie, Kid Zombie, and The Golden Machete (best overall). Our sponsor, Devil's Attic, will also have some shenanigans afoot...” Do you recommend anyplace especially in Louisville to get the perfect zombie costume and makeup?

    Lyndi Lou: “Louisville is so lucky to have Caufield's! They're a great resource for any makeup, special effects, or props. Nitty Gritty and Acorn have great vintage clothing for getting all zombified. I'm a huge fan of some DIY makeup. Over the years we've seen candles made into broken bones, white asparagus into tendons, oatmeal as texture on faces, burned marshmallows as burned flesh, and no telling how many thousands of gallons of fake blood (red food coloring, cornstarch or corn syrup, and water. easy peasy). You don't have to break the bank to look like the undead, just go to your pantry.” Why August 29 at 8:29?

    Lyndi Lou: “It's John King’s and my birthday! The event started as a birthday party for the two of us. For the first one, we handed out tactical maps the size of business cards to our friends, and I think we made one flier that we put up at Highland Coffee. The "8/29, 8:29" just sounded ominous and a bit mysterious when paired with "The end is nigh." so we ran with it. The first year we were both shocked and delighted that 89 people showed up! We had no idea what the future would bring!” Your Facebook page says this is the largest and oldest zombie walk in the world. Is that official? How many people came out last year?

    Lyndi Lou: “We have done some research, and we are the largest and oldest annual zombie walk in the world, but it's not like Guinness Book official. A few years ago (when we had around 10,000 zombies show up) we did the whole process for making it official, we made it through and got the record, but then were dethroned by someone in England. The thing is that it's massively time consuming to get the record through Guinness, and it's just for zombies in one place at a time; there's not one for how old the walks are or anything like that. Since it's just John and I that put everything together (along with help from the LMPD's Don George who is amazing and we love) we haven't tried to go through the process again. Last year we had about 22,500 zombies show up, and that's not counting the folks that just came out to watch.” Are there official recommendations for where to park?

    Lyndi Lou: “Nope. I avoid this question like the plague.” Is there an official website or twitter for the zombie walk this year?

    Lyndi Lou: “It’s best just to find us on Facebook at” What are the rules? Who is allowed to participate? (pets, children, etc.)

    Lyndi Lou: “Everyone is encouraged to participate!! Kids, pets, everyone. There aren't really any ‘rules’, but we do want everyone to be respectful of the people living and working in the neighborhood while still having a great time.” What part of Bardstown Road will be closed during the Zombie Walk?

    Lyndi Lou: “Bardstown Road will be closed from Eastern Parkway to Highland Avenue.” Will there be any special celebration for the tenth year of the zombie walk?

    Lyndi Lou: “We always have an outdoor show and such, and we're doing that again, as is mentioned above. There's some special stuff we're trying to figure out the logistics on, but I'll have to get back to you on them.”

    Photos courtesy of the Louisville Zombie Walk via

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