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    Mark Zuckerberg astounded the world with is amazing social media website, David Karp and staff created a blog site where anything goes, Larry Page and Sergey Bin created  Google which still stands to shock us all with it's immense searching power, and now it is your turn to create the next "Goliath" of the internet! In fact it may be even easier for you to do so thanks to an inspiring new program and a group right here in Louisville ready to share all of its wonders. 

    Laravel Louisville (web-page here) is a group of local web designers, artisans, and developers calling upon others with the same interest who may or may not have the experience necessary to create a web page or application. They wish to help others in their journey whether it be for business purposes or simply a hobby someone wishes to explore and know first hand the trials and hardships that can come with coding or developing websites; this has led them to share their knowledge with others about a program that has made web development much more accessible to everyone. 

    Laravel (installation information) is a free program designed for the development web applications. It is meant to be used with the PHP (Hypertext Processor) which is defined as "popular general-purpose scripting language," and has been used to create everything from individual blogs to entire sites of varying size. Many popular websites were scripted using PHP framework, which is what Laravel is most compatible with. The group has decided to use these programs to help new comers ease into the world of web development and give long time developers/ artisans an easier way to create astounding sites, applications, and web developments all with the goal of creating a software engineering community right here in Kentucky!

    Laravel Louisville will be holding a meeting Decemeber 17th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Indatus located on 118 E Main St. Louisville Ky. This meeting will have pizza and drinks provided by Indatus as well as door prizes consisting of programs and subscriptions that may help you on your journey to becoming the next great web designer, developer, or artisan! It is a fantastic way to use a revolutionary tool that will make your endeavors into web development unbelievably less stressful, as well as an opportunity to get tips and help from some wonderful people who have dedicated much of their own time to learning how to use and master Laravel. In the words of Laravel Louisville, "You spend your entire day in front of a computer making stuff. Come out and join some other humans in Louisville who love to do the same." 

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