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    The name Rockwell might well be synonymous with Americana, but there’s another theme that seemed to run through the work: sports. Then again, the name Rockwell might very well mean mediocre 80’s synth pop to you, I’m not talking about that particular Rockwell. Not saying I never, will, but it’s not likely.

    No, I’m referring to legendary painter, Norman Rockwell, whose sports pieces, often prominently featured in the Saturday Evening Post have come to represent the core of American sport; particularly baseball. And, it’s these works that are now being featured at the Louisville Slugger Museum.

    The exhibit titled simply: Normal Rockwell: Sports opened Saturday and is set to extend into August 14th. The enclave which celebrates the artists many forays into Athletics is part of general admission into the museum and features pieces provided and pieced together by the Norman Rockwell museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

    In other news from the museum Ernie Banks, of the Chicago Cubs, was named the museum’s 2010 Living Legend. Known for his slugging throughout the 60’s and 70’s Banks’ optimism and zest for the game was contagious for the team and fans alike.

    Mr. Cub sings Wrigley Field's fight song

    The Living Legend award is given annually, and decided on by the museum. During its four year run past winners include Ken Griffey Jr. of the Mariners and Reds in 2007, Frank Robinson of the Reds and Orioles in 2008, and Hank Aaron of the Braves and Brewers in 2009.

    Truly remarkable for the Louisville landmark last year though has been its attendance which reached it’s all-time high at 234,771 visitors throughout the year. And, when one learns that the official bat of Major League Baseball continues to be and has been made right here locally since 1884 it’s hard not to see why.

    And, actually my golf clubs were made by the Slugger brand, as they produce equipment for several different sports. For the record, that slice sadly, has nothing to do with the club.

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    Recently, I completed a Masters degree in Education and have been writing for for over a year now, prior to that I published a humor book for young adults titled Wearing Socks with Sandals, a book about getting through high school, college, and all of the requisite problems that present themselves during that time. Currently, I spend much of my time in classroom settings as well as writing in various areas. Of course, I’m a big sports fan and love music and film, and love finding new stuff around Louisville.

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