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    You have read the stories and obituary on the outstanding pioneer work in the cardiology field that the late Dr. Ronald R. Masden has contributed here for the last 30 years, being the first physician to perform seven different cardiac procedures. He was one of a handful of people who helped build the Jewish Hospital Heart and Lung Institute as well as the department of cardiology at the University of Louisville's School of Medicine.

    Dr. Masden coached the Russians, establishing a cardiac catheterization lab in St. Petersburg as part of modernizing Russia's health-care system. He set up offices there and spent much time away from home devoting himself to bring them modern Western heart care services.

    Dr. Masden set up a foundation in 1997 to pay for training Russian health-care workers. He was the first to map the progression of cardiac catheterization starting with balloon angioplasty, then laser coronary angioplasty in 1988.

    Please read all the stories about Dr. Masden's passionate devotion to and achievements in the cardiology field. He has saved many lives and has hundreds of grateful patients who personally are devoted to him. All his patients and many friends for the last three days have paid their respects to him and his family by attending the visitations at his beautiful home on Cherokee Road, where his wife Becki Winfield Masden and his children have received them.


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