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    I loved the Zen Tea House. It one of my favorite places to go have a few small bites, sip tea, soak in soft light from outside and get a little work done. I hated to be such a product of the store's brand, but I was definitely more Zen when I was there. I was truly sad to lose the Zen Tea House.

    So when new tenants moved in, I definitely walked by and withheld a slight stink eye, despite the fact that they, of course, had nothing to do with the demise of the Zen Tea House. I may have mean mugged it a few times but eventually I let go. 

    Imagine my surprise when the sweetest little crepe and bahn mi cafe took it's place. When a friend recommended I try it out,  her description was "darling" and how right she was.  The interior was decorated with cute small eccentricities like the little birdhouses below.  The menu was written up with colored chalk and the hallway was brightly decorated with pictures and descriptions of the different espresso offerings available.


    IMG_6657 IMG_6654 IMG_6644

    On to the food! I did get to sample their bahn mi at this year's Taste of Frankfort Avenue and it was delicious. This time around, we decided to sample the crepes. At Four Sister's they offer crepes in the sweet and savory variety. We couldn't resist getting one of each.


    Above is the avocado, mushroom, spinach and feta crepe. This was the heartiest crepe out of the four we sampled. The flavors weren't particularly strong, much like a rich salad bundled up in a soft crepe blanket.


    The tomato, basil, and mozzarella crepe was drizzled with a slightly sweet and syrupy balsamic which was nice. The recipe isn't a new one of course, but the execution was well done. The crepes are buttery and soft without being overly sweet. 


    The ham, egg, and cheese crepe was my favorite. When we ordered it, our server forewarned us that the crepe came with a sunny side up egg. I wouldn't have it any other way. The egg oozed out over the crepe helping bind together the nutty cheese, salty ham, and subtly sweet crepe. So good. A perfect breakfast or lunch dish, so very satisfying for the lovers of good savory dishes.

    IMG_6652 IMG_6653

    We finished with a basic crepe with lavender honey which I was told they infuse in house. The modest dollop of whip cream was also dotted with lavender and the slightly spicy floral flavor was present throughout the dish. Because the crepe, cream, and honey were sweet, the peppery lavender was a great addition to bring some depth to the dessert.  I greedily and unabashedly scooped and licked up puddles of remaining honey on my fingers after finishing the crepe. I can't wait to try some other varieties.

    Have I piqued your curiosity? Learn more here. 

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