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    One cue to the community mindset of Louisvillians, that has stuck out to me as a newcomer, is the existence of manners while driving. This is not to say that I feel that drivers back in Florida are too aggressive (removing the Miami area from the equation of course), but instead it is to highlight the amiable nature of drivers in Louisville.

    Getting “Kentuckied”

    On past trips to Louisville some of my friends have lovingly coined a term for one of the prominent friendly activities, which occurs on daily basis, on the roadways here in Louisville. At first I was confused and at some points even irritated by this custom. Now that I understand it, I have nothing but admiration for the act. The scenario works like this; you find yourself at a four way stop or perhaps even waiting to turn left. Another driver who arrived at the stop first or is traveling down an oncoming lane then proceeds to stop driving, look at you and wave so as to allow you into traffic. While this is commonplace here in Louisville it is next to unheard of in other areas of the country I have been in. Factor in that Louisville has a population of over one million residents and this occurrence becomes even more significant. This simple act of neighborly kindness is what my cohorts from Florida and I refer to as “Getting Kentuckied”.

    Do not misconstrue this term. While I am new to the area, I sincerely offer it up with nothing but affection and appreciation. When I was deciding whether to leave my hometown, one of the factors that helped me lean towards moving to Louisville was the friendly nature of its residents. For one of the larger urban populations in the nation, I regularly find myself pleased to share stories of the thoughtful nature of Louisville residents with my friends back home. It can be evidenced in many aspects of the city, even when one is behind the wheel.

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    I am a freelance writer who is looking to meet new people and better get to know the Louisville area.

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