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    Gore Special Effects Makeup
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    One of the most important elements of making a stage production or a film work is believable makeup, especially when it comes to special effects. We’ve all seen the bad stuff - unconvincing bullet wounds, ketchup-coloured blood and bruises that look more like someone wearing half a plum. If you’re involved in the theater or want to get into making your own films, then you should take into account the importance of professional and realistic looking gore and other effects. If you have ever wanted to (or need to) learn some of the tricks of the special effects makeup trade, you’re in luck - the

    Metro Arts Center

    has a class starting on April 30th on that very topic.

    You’ll learn things like how to use squibs (exploding blood packs), creating smashed and blown-up heads, forming slashes, gashes, and bruises, zombie makeup, and other commonly used effects - what’s even better is that the course is hands-on. A $65 fee covers your enrollment, and it includes all necessary materials as well.

    Spots are going fast, so if you’re interested you should try to enroll as soon as possible - you can go in person to the Metro Arts Center to sign up, or call (502)937-2055.

    The class runs from April 30th to June 18th and meets Wednesdays from 6-9 PM. You don’t need any prior experience, but basic knowledge of what special effects are would definitely help you out. Anyone 13 years of age or older can enroll.

    Photo courtesy of Hannah Stoppel.

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