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    In 1989 the Pittsburgh Steelers were established as a powerhouse franchise with a history to match, and it was in this environment that D.J. Johnson was signed onto the team. And, the young cornerback planned on proving his draft selection.

    Let’s back up though.

    D.J. Johnson established himself young and in regional sports this was made clear based on his play as a standout at Male High School.

    So, it only made sense that the University of Kentucky would offer the young man a scholarship, an offer which Johnson accepted. Johnson proved his strength on the team, making himself again stand out on a local team.
    And, with those credentials we go back to his entrance into the NFL in 1989. Spending four years with the Steelers Johnson impressed the Atlanta Falcons who traded for him in 1994. The defensive back spent two seasons in Georgia before moving to the Arizona Cardinals for only a season before his eventual retirement.

    It wasn’t too long that Johnson would make his way back to the NFL, this time as a sideline reporter for Fox, a position which he eventually left.

    His work ethic and abilities are really what makes him a sports legend though. Johnson was a player who was a stand-out everywhere he went because he made sure he was. He made sure to work harder, perhaps it was intensity or drive or some similar abstract notion but the facts remain what D.J. Johnson brought to the field and what he brought off is truly what makes him a sports legend of the Ville.

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