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    In certain regards Karl Schmitt Sr. seems like an obvious choice for the next sports legend of the ‘Ville segment, as both his son, Karl Schmitt Jr. as well as his CSAA protégé Father Tom Gentile have been named sports legends. Outside of connections though, individually Schmitt was able to make a name for himself in area athletics which can not be ignored.

    Founding the Catholic Sports Athletic Association and successfully running it in three different decades Schmitt made an indelible impact in establishing the positivity that can ruminate throughout a community through the use of youth athletics. In addition to founding and operating the venture Schmitt proved just what athletics can do for youths.

    With the title of Executive Director of the CSAA, Schmitt aided so many boys and girls who would go on to learn the skills that would aid their future in life; all through the efforts of Schmitt.

    Notably Schmitt also worked in creating a number of football referees who would go on to work in the high school, college, and professional leagues.

    In 1995, Schmitt’s work was officially honored as he became an inductee into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame and in 2012 Schmitt received another honor being an inductee into the first class of the Louisville Catholic Sports Hall of Fame.
    An Army Veteran who served proudly retiring from Fort Knox, Schmitt was also heavily involved in the Shriner’s Association.

    Sadly, in April of 2012 the legendary Schmitt passed away but not without leaving a plethora of people whose lives he personally touched.

    Currently, as noted previously the CSAA is being led by Father Tom Gentile, who strives to run the organization with the same commitment to helping others that Schmitt had. And, for all those reasons and so many more Karl Schmitt Sr. is a Sports legend of the ‘Ville.

    Image courtesy of Catholic Sports Net, and features just one group of kids who have been touched by the work of Schmitt. 2012's CSAA Girls' Field Hockey Champions

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