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    I’ve offered conjecture on Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and its impact on the world of sports entertainment. And, the truth is there’s a current surge in the outfit after a little bit of a lull upon losing its contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

    However, after the return of notable OVW leader Jim Cornette there’s certainly an attempt to get back to OVW’s former glory.
    Rather than discuss Ohio Valley Wrestling though, I’d like to take a look at the venue that houses it in this Sports legends of the Ville- landmark edition segment.

    After OVW left the Louisville Gardens they went directly to the Shepherdsville Road Armory turning it into a professional wrestling venue, naming it after its founder and local legend, Danny Davis. Immediately the venue began to host not only events but schools as well that are meant to act as college courses for professional wrestling essentially.

    In honor of the stars that have come out of the venue, I thought I’d put together a “fight card” of sorts featuring some of the talent that have worked all too hard to build up Davis Arena.

    Women’s Title Match: Beth Phoenix (Elizabeth Kocianski) vs. Kelly Kelly (Barbara Blank)

    Both of these women are currently major stars in the women’s division in World Wrestling Entertainment

    Triple Threat Legacy Match: Bill Dundee (William Cruickshanks)  vs. Rip Rogers (Mark Sciarra) vs. Nick Dinsmore

    These are the men that initially built Ohio Valley Wrestling, the names that wrestling fans initially came to see compete and the initial champions of the brand. Dundee has competed in the hugely influential National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as well as OVW. Rogers competed in the World Wrestling Federation, NWA, and WCW. Dinsmore is currently wrestling with the WWE under the ring name Eugene.

    Battle of The Giants: Mark Henry vs. The Big Show (Paul Wight) vs. Kane (Glenn Jacobs)

    These three have all been staples in World Wrestling Entertainment for years, winning a number of heavyweight championships amongst themselves.

    Modern Superstars Battle Royal: John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Dave Batista vs. Cody Rhodes (Cody Runnels)

    These four are some of the most well known modern professional wrestlers, while perfecting their craft in the OVW Cena was known as The Prototype and Batista was called Leviathan.

    Tag Team Match: CM Punk (Phil Brooks) and Colt Cabana (Scott Colton) vs. Deuce (Jimmy Reiher Jr.) and Domino (Cliff Compton)

    CM Punk is probably the most prolific wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment at the moment, providing much needed uniqueness. Meanwhile his friend and long-time partner Cabana is well known in the Indi-wrestling world for being as prolific as punk in organizations like Ring of Honor. More than that, he produces probably the best show about the mind of a professional wrestler with a podcast titled, The Art of Wrestling. Meanwhile Deuce and Domino were one of the most successful tag teams in OVW, and had a strong run in the WWE as well. Currently Domino is a major player in OVW still, using his real name Cliff Compton.  

    I should mention here that the Davis Arena will more than likely in the near future become one of the most important landmarks in professional wrestling, if the current push by wrestling insiders that do have a handle on what they’re doing pans out.

    I should also mention that this card could go on for pages, however I’ll spare you all that to say fans of professional wrestling might not know the Arena but they certainly know what the Arena has produced.

    Image courtesy of Ohio Valley Wrestling

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