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    There is no question that one of the biggest names in the history of the sport of boxing is that of Muhammad Ali. And, Ali has been using his famed name in an attempt to inspire and motivate individuals from all over the world throughout his life.

    Louisville’s Muhammad Ali center is nothing more than a continuation of that work. A continuation which began in winter of 2005, of course the center was in its early stages a few years before its completion that November day.

    Today the center acts as a museum for not just Ali, and not just boxing, but rather the ideals and morals which the boxer has come to believe in and the lessons that he’s learned. Frequented by students the center aids in the teaching of wisdom, wisdom gained from a life fully lived and a life now fully understood. Lessons that are not generally in any curriculum but quite possible are the most important lessons a human being of any ilk must learn.

    The center also houses a number of various events, both professional and personal. Both life changing and daily but the setting is what brings people in. It’s unique sure, but more than that it encourages a belief in the human condition and what it can achieve.

    Memberships from the center are all over the world and cover all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds. The Center bills itself as an educational institution, but while the education is framed in the sport of boxing the lessons far extend past the ring going into life.

    No one has all the answers of course, but this center does provide the basis for open communication and dialog, which is why so many conferences and the like occur within the building.

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