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    Some people view an athlete based upon their stats, others their humanitarian deeds and how they impact their individual community, still others the intangible qualities of their individual athletic prowess as for me, I judge an athlete based on how dominant their mustache is; even female athletes. 

    For instance, in my humble opinion there is and has been no greater tennis player- male or female than Serena Williams, now think about just how awesome she would be if she was rocking an amazing handlebar mustache. 

    This of course, means that for me Fred Pfeffer is one of the greatest baseball players ever to step on the field- don’t believe me get a load of the ‘stache. 

    In truth, as an athlete his stats are tremendous.  An early professional baseball player, Pfeffer was cut from the same cloth as the original Louisville slugger, Pete Browning.

    Pfeffer’s professional career began at the age of 22 in 1882 playing for the now defunct Troy Trojans. 
    Following  that Chicago proved to be very good to the solid infielder, playing with the Chicago White Stockings (currently the Chicago Cubs), the Chicago Pirates (now defunct),  and the Chicago Colts (another variation on the Cubs) prior to moving back to his hometown.

    This is after he began suiting up for the Louisville Colonels in a stint that lasted three years.  Actually the first year he was with the Colonels he also acted as manager of the team.

    After leaving Louisville again Pfeffer played a season with the New York Giants (currently the San Francisco Giants) before his eventual retirement from the game.

    Today Pfeffer’s legacy is a strong one in baseball history for both Chicago as well as his hometown of Louisville, and because of that Fred Pfeffer is a sports legend of the ‘Ville.

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