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    It’s been said that the Superbowl is the greatest stage in modern American sport, and who am I to disagree.
    If that’s the case, than Bubba Paris has been on that stage and excelled several notable times.

    Of course, Paris’ tale doesn’t start there; rather it starts right in the Derby City.  A native of Louisville the offensive linemen became a national star for his college alma mater Michigan during his tenure there.  He created such an impact for the team that he made the All-Big Ten Team and was named an All-American.

    He was so much an important part of their offense that Paris made his way to the NFL in the second round of the 1982 draft.  Specifically, he made it to the sunny shores of California when he signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

    Much has been written about the development of that 80’s Niners team- quite possibly the greatest professional squad in the west coast of all time- one things certain with that team though the offensive line was always an integral part, so it was little surprise that San Francisco turned much of their attention to establishing the protection for the offensive backfield.

    Because of all these factors, Paris filled the whole of the offensive tackle that San Fran was looking for perfectly.  And, it wasn’t long until the red and gold of the Niners found their way to three Super bowl championships; beating the Miami Dolphins in 1985, the Cincinnati Bengals in 1989, and the Denver Broncos in 1990.

    After leaving California with three rings, Paris made his way to the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions for the 1991 season.

    After that tumultuous year Paris officially retired still proclaimed as a legend in San Francisco.

    Today Paris still lives in California with his family, where he works as a motivational speaker.

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